Publications and Presentations

Here is my selected research output in relation to computer programming, coding practice and computational thinking, full list can be found here:

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Book Chapters:

  • Snodgrass et al., 2018 (forthcoming). “Executing Uncertainties” in Uncertain Archives.
  • Samson et al., 2018. “Execution” in Posthuman Glossary (R. Braidotti and M. Hlavajova eds), Bloomsbury Academic.
  • Soon, W., 2017. ‘Executing Microtemporality’ in Executing Practices (E. Snodgrass, H. Pritchard and M. Tyzlik-Carver eds), Autonomedia.


  • Soon, W & Cox, G., 2020 (forthcoming). Aesthetic Programming: A Handbook of Software Studies, or Software Studies for Dummies, London: Open Humanities Press.
  • Sollfrank, C & Soon, W., 2019 (forthcoming). Fix my Code, Berlin: EECLECTIC.
  • Soon, W & Cox, G., 2018. Vocable Code (13082018), Aarhus: ‡ DobbeltDagger.
  • Pritchard, H & Soon, W., 2016. jsut code, Hong Kong: VIDEOTAGE.

Conference Proceedings:

  • Soon, W & Knotts, S., (2019, forthcoming). ‘Aesthetic Coding: : Exploring Computational Culture Beyond Creative Coding’. Proceedings of Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art.
  • Soon, W. & Cox, G., (2018). ‘Vocable Code‘. Proceedings of the 9th SAR – International Conference on Artistic Research. 
  • Chung, B, Pong, L & Soon, W., 2016. ‘Computer Programming Education and Creative Arts’. ISEA2016 Conference Proceedings.
  • Soon, W., 2016. ‘Microtemporalities: At The Time of Loading-in-progress’. ISEA2016 Conference Proceedings.
  • Soon, W., 2015. ‘Zombies in Spam Culture‘, in Tracing Data: What you see is not what we write Proceedings, pp. 86-94. Web.
  • Soon, W., 2014. ‘Materiality of Code: Towards an understanding of socio-technical relations’. A Matter of Design: Making Society through Science and Technology. 5th STS Italia Conference Proceedings. pp.681-696


2018 Presenter, ‘Computational Throbbing and Affective Waiting’, Affects, Interfaces and Events Conference (with Søren Rasmussen), AU
2018 Moderator, Blockchain values, transmediale2018, Berlin
2018 Invited panel, Procedural values, Brandenburg Center for Media Studies, ZeM, Potsdam
2018 Guest Speaker, Humanistic and Computational Thinking Through Practixe, School of Creative Media, City University of HK

2017 Invited panel, generator/generating discourse, Karlsrhe University of Arts and Design, Germany
2017 Panel, The Purpose of the Future University, Aarhus University
2017 Guest Speaker, Why Code? Why Program? Why Create? Digital Living Research Commons, Aarhus University, DK
2016 Presenter, Execution (ver 0.2), Malmo, Sweden
2016 Guest Speaker, Executing Queries, Language + Code, Aarhus University, DK
2015 Presenter + Workshop co-leader + Conference co-organizer, Execution (ver 0.1), Aarhus, DK
2015 Guest Speaker, Life and Death in Software, Digital Culture (master class), Aarhus University, DK
2014 Guest Speaker, Artist talk: From net art to software art. University of Warsar, Poland.
2014 Guest Speaker, Net Art: Data Hacking, Coding and Critical Thinking. Videotage Summer Sch, HK.
2013 Speaker & Facilitator, UnDo Knowledge. JCCAC, Hong Kong
2013 Speaker, UnDo Facebook. K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong
2013 Artist /Speaker, Seminar on Network Art and everyday life. Taipei National University of the Arts
2011 Artist Forum. Computational Thinking In Various Art Forms. Writing Machine Collective.


2019 Processing Community Day @ Aarhus, DOKK1, Denmark

2017 generator/generating discourse, ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Germany
2017 Feminist Coding Workshop in p5js, Can Software be Feminist?, !=null
2013 UNDO Facebook Workshop, K11, Hong Kong.