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This is a site about my research on the notion of computational thinking beyond engineering and computer science ways that are primary focused on the skills of programming and problem solving, as well as the development of  efficient computer applications. Computational thinking is used to be defined by Computer Scientists, Mathematicians or researchers working in the science disciplines (Papert 1980, Wing 2008). However, with the increasing demand of computational practices in arts, software studies, platform studies, new media studies and digital humanities, how might the concept of computational thinking is being challenged and expanded by other disciplines? Scholar Michael Mateas suggests teaching computational thinking to arts and humanities is to connect with social and cultural issues through theoretical and philosophical considerations (2015). My research on computational thinking is to open up this by introducing humanistic/aesthetic/cultural perspective in examining code or coding practice, examining the interplay between technical processes and human meaning-making processes in both micro and macro scales. Considering coding/computational practice (including programming – read/write/execute code and processes) as a mode of critical and aesthetic inquiry to understand/reveal, and think with, the implication and affordance of digital culture- a condition that we are highly engaged with, and surrounded by, software and networked systems, I ask how might we think with code and coding practice beyond building functional and pragmatic applications? How might we understand and reflect upon cultural systems through computational thinking?

Who Am I?