Vocable Code – Unfinished Code – Queer Code

Photo by Piotr Krajewski

With the invitation by Shu Lea Cheang, I led the ‘Unfinished Code’ session at STWT48 as part of Ars Electronica. STWST48 is a 48 hours showcase-extravaganza in September. STWST48 invites international artists and also shows new art contexts developed in and around Stadtwerkstatt, for example results from Infolab, Quasikunst, and other formats of Stadtwerkstatts art production.

The talk UNFINISHED CODE examines the generative, operative and dynamic properties, and queer potential, of code. Through queering code and discussing possible (non)binary logics, participants will queer their voices by performing dynamic sentences and statements to intervene a software program called “Vocable Code”, simulating mathematical chaos and creating dynamic audio literature that explores the performativity of code, subjectivity and language.